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Email from the Gambin's solicitor.

Sent: Thursday, 16 July 2009 4:06 PM
To: ''
Subject: Jeff and Alina Gambin
Dear Volunteers,
We advise we act for Jeff and Alina Gambin.
We note the contents of the article published by the Sunday Telegraph on 12 July 2009. We advise that the content of that article is misleading.
We are instructed to advise that whilst Jeff and Alina failed to lodge their Income Tax returns within the required time, they have not been fined by the
Australian Taxation Office.
The article fails to disclose to the public that the application for a rehearing of the tax matter was due to the ATO failing to advise both Jeff and Alina of the hearing date of their matters, and so neither Jeff nor
Alina were present the first time the hearing took place.
The article continues to fail to disclose that, in open court, the Magistrate indicated that the reason given for the failure to lodge those tax returns were due to both Jeff and Alina dedicating their entire time and effort in feeding and looking after the well being of hundreds of Sydney┬╣s homeless and less fortunate for the past sixteen years, and have allowed their own personal matters to slip.
There is no evidence that Jeff Gambin has gambled away $150,000 raised by the charity nor any evidence that the police are investigating Jeff Gambin.
It is somewhat surprising to read the article given that the reporter from the Sunday Telegraph was present during the entire hearing.
He has failed to indicate that there was no payment nor fine, apart from the court costs of $119.00 imposed.  Jeff and Alina were NOT ordered to pay $2,200.00.
Should you continue to receive information from the contrary, we ask that you advise our office so that we may seek instructions to action and deal with any statements that are defamatory accordingly.
Yours faithfully,
Jenny Ly
Level 13, 99 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P: 61 2 9223 4588
F: 61 2 9223 6788
M: 0401 678 815
DX 285 Sydney



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