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Email from Jeff and Alina Gambin's solicitor to the Volunteers.
The email brings to the fore questions of integrity or competence of the journalist who wrote the newspaper article. Why is there this intent to destroy Just Enough Faith along with the Gambins?
...the email in full.

Crucifying the Good Samaritan.
The expensive advertisements in glossy magazines and on railway stations from Christian charities seeking donations ....

Homeless numbers increasing rapidly.
Does it make any sense that the authorities should want to close a long established and highly regarded private charity (which does not draw on taxpayers' funds) based largely on hearsay at a time like this? If you need further convincing of the lengthening food queues, read this Daily Telegraph article. Just Enough Faith is (was) not a mere food only charity. It does (did) much, much more. Help JEF resume its special blend of helping the real needy. Find out more about JEF's work.


Volunteers, please note. Privacy matter.
The administrator passed on the list of JEF volunteers and their contact details to Exodus several weeks ago. In response to a letter from one of our volunteers, the reply was “It is considered that volunteers would give “implied” consent to another organization carrying on the work of Just Enough Faith unless advised to the contrary”. We feel outraged that the administrator has taken liberty with our data. To prevent your personal details from being passed to a third party by Exodus and kept by them for their own purposes, we urge you to contact Exodus and demand that your privacy rights be upheld and that they immediately desist from passing on your details. If you do not wish to volunteer under Exodus, you should also request the removal of your data from any media in which it is held.

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