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About Us

We are a group of concerned Just Enough Faith (JEF) volunteers whose objective is to see the high standard of commitment and services provided to the homeless and needy continue indefinitely, as Just Enough Faith has provided since 1993.

The group comprises volunteers and supporters who have been involved with JEF for periods ranging from only a few months to several years. We come from various professional and managerial backgrounds as well as from among our “customers”. We are all very different strong-minded individuals but the one thing that binds us is the desire to see the maintenance of the high standard of care, service and respect given to all the lovely people we have been meeting at Yurong Park 365 days a year - yes, JEF has not taken a single day off. Unlike the major Government-funded charities, we believe that everyone has to eat, even during the Christmas holiday period!

Quality of food.

The food is cooked daily in a large commercial grade kitchen which would be the envy of many restaurants. How do we get the food piping hot to our friends at Yurong Park? Simple really. The food comes out straight from the ovens (we need heavy towels to carry the dishes) into the vans just 15 minutes before they are dished out at the park. The food is of restaurant quality. Why, the founder, Jeff Gambin, wife Alina and the volunteers at the centre all enjoy the same food. In fact, a greater variety is offered at the food queue that we get at the centre. Furthermore, Jeff Gambin is a highly awarded chef. This is the guarantee that the food that leaves our kitchen is always of a very high standard.

Change for the worse?

When we change things (cars, computers, jobs or whatever) would we be wanting to move up or down? Silly question but pertinent in the situation we are now facing.

We ask of the authorities:

Why hand over the services to Exodus? Was any other organisation offered the opportunity to bid? Are they able to do a better job of feeding the queue? How does their kitchen stack up against ours? Can they provide piping hot food? When do they actually cook the food? Can they offer the variety we used to give? Most importantly, do they have the right respectful attitude towards the people in the food queue?

How much are Exodus paid (taxpayers' funds) for taking over? Are they more financially viable than JEF, seeing that they are pleading on the radio for donations of $1.5m just to keep going?

We are very concerned at what we see, hear and experience at the food queue ever since the service was handed over to Exodus. We simply want to see the return of the standard of service, care and respect that everyone deserves, regardless of his or her station in life.



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