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It's all about RESPECT

All the major religions and cultures place great emphasis on respect. Christians, in particular, are taught that God resides in each and everyone of us. Believers should therefore treat every single individual with the UTMOST respect, and that includes the attitude of organisations and their staff towards patrons in the food queue.

Just Enough Faith is not a religious organisation and is all-embracing. The organisation cares only about helping people face whatever difficult situation they may be in – temporal or emotional.

Apart from the more visual aspect of feeding the needy, we strive to raise our customers' self-esteem. We chat with them and consider them friends in need. We are all unpaid volunteers and do this with feeling from deep within. Our customers and friends feel this warmth and we in turn get invigorated by the wonderful energy around the food vans.

The intention of this Website is to keep you informed of goings on regarding the Foundation and to give you an opportunity to air your views. Our ultimate goal is that our customers and friends continue to receive the standard of food and service that has been the hallmark of JEF since its inception 16 years ago.

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News & Views

Email from the Gambin's solicitor.
The email brings to the fore questions of integrity or competence of the journalist who wrote the newspaper article. Why is there this intent to destroy Just Enough Faith along with the Gambins?
...the email

Crucifying the Good Samaritan.
The expensive advertisements in glossy magazines and on railway stations from Christian charities seeking donations ....

Homeless numbers increasing rapidly.
Daily Telegraph article
Surely, this shows the need for more help from experienced and efficiently run charities - not less, especially those that do not seek Government handouts.
JEF is a completely volunteer run charity that does not draw on the public purse.

A Federal Government booklet (in pdf) about homelessness. It's cover says “On any night, 100,000 Australians are homeless”


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